Learning and Teaching

Information on the “erfasst, verfolgt, vernichtet” (registered, persecuted, exterminated) exhibition for schools

Centre Charlemagne opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 10.00am to 6.00pm

Admission: Admission is free for Euregio schools.

Class bookings including guided tour: €20 for the guided 60 minute tour, no more than 15 students

Class bookings including guided tour and worksheets
90 min, €3 per student including copies for groups of up to 15 students
After a short introduction, students will work on questionnaires in small groups. We will present our results during a joint tour and also talk about any questions students may still have. There will be a joint final discussion.

Class bookings without guided tour
We kindly ask you to contact us before your visit even if you do not intend to book a guided tour. We will then confirm a time slot for your visit during which we will not accept any further bookings.

Special: tandem tours in easy German
Easy German is a specifically regulated form of the German language helping people of lower linguistic competence understand texts. Rules of easy German include for instance that each sentence should only contain one statement and that abstract terms and loan words should be avoided or explained. Our 45 minute tours of the exhibition, visitors will be accompanied by two adult guides: one with a disability and one with no disability. Guides with disabilities have received special training with AnWert Lebenshilfe, which offers education programmes for people with learning difficulties, for this purpose. Its programmes are in part funded by Aktion Mensch, Germany’s nationwide social lottery and largest private funding agency for social projects.

Tandem tours for schools
on Thursdays (advance booking required)

Public tandem tours – tours for everyone
Saturday, 5th September / 12th September/ 26th September / 17th October/ 24th October 2015 at 11am
Please do book in advance as we only allow a maximum of 15 visitors per door.

Public tours of the exhibition
Saturday, 5th September / 12th September / 19th September / 26th September / 3rd October / 10th October / 17th October / 24th October 2015 at 4.00pm
Sunday, 6th September / 13th September / 20th September / 27th September / 4th October / 11th October / 18th October / 25th October 2015 at 4.00pm
no extra fee besides admission / meet at ticket desk

Framework programme
For more information on our comprehensive framework programme, please refer to the programme leaflet.

For bookings and more information:
Arts and Cultural Education (Kunst- und Kulturvermittlung)
tel. +49 241 432 4998
fax +49 241 432 4989

Kulturbus (‘Culture Bus‘)
Thanks to Ms Shirley Taeter’s very generous support, school classes from Aachen and neighbouring areas may use the Kulturbus free of charge to travel to the ‘registered, persecuted, exterminated‘ exhibition at the Centre Charlemagne.

If you would like to use this service, please contact Mr Schreiber or Mr Lauven at Teater Aachen for bookings and details of your trip.

Mr Hans-Martin Schreiber
tel. 0241 / 18 200 40
fax 0241 / 18 200 49

Mr Fabian Lauven
tel. 0241 / 18 200 34
fax 0241 / 18 200 33

For more information about the Kulturbus, please visit