Talking Bones – Mysterious archaeological finds

17.04.2015 - 16.08.2015

At the Hof in Aachen, archaeologists made a very special discovery two years ago during civil engineering works of Aachen’s public utility company, STAWAG:
During excavation, they discovered human bones. They very soon realised that these skeletons were very old. But from exactly what period do they date? How did people live back then, how old were they when they died and how did they die? The exhibition ‘Talking Bones‘ investigates these and more questions. Using a range of scientific methods, the secret stories of the bones could be uncovered. Visitors can themselves experience the preliminary findings through augmented reality technology specifically developed for this purpose by Aachen’s domeniceau.

Embark on an archaeological investigation with Centre Charlemagne!

This exhibition is sponsored by STAWAG.